Everyone loves a great deal! Especially when it's back-to-school time!

While it may or may not be too early for some to be thinking about back-to-school shopping already, there is one advantage to it in Iowa. Enter the "tax holiday"!

Friday, August 3rd and Saturday, August 4th mark the annual "tax-free weekend" in the state. Savings on clothes, shoes and certain accessories and supplies will be offered, but many other non-essential-for-school items will have the 6 percent sales tax waived as well.

The short list of "qualifying items" includes:

Belts, gloves, scarves, baby clothes, diapers, jeans, dresses, sweatshirts, sweaters, coats, jackets, raincoats, and windbreakers.  In general, select clothing and shoes under a regular retail cost of $100 will be part of the deal.

Unfortunately, jewelry, watches, wallets, backpacks, book bags, brief cases, luggage and gift certificates will not qualify as tax-free items.

It's a long list, so make sure you're aware before you head out to the store. Many of the tax-free guidelines also apply to online shopping, as long as they are able to be  ordered, paid for and/or delivered within the tax-free window.

To learn what will and won't be tax-free on August 3-4, and see the full list of guidelines from the Iowa Department of Revenue, click HERE.


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