I put "lowest" in quotes on purpose because the news kind of sounds better than it is.

The Des Moines Register says that another 19.8 cents average drop in gas prices across Iowa this week means we have the lowest cost in the nation--along with Missouri. We are both at $3.737 per gallon, which is well below the national average of $4.133 a gallon. OPEC is finally increasing output, to 648,000 barrels per day, at least that's how the Register explains it.

There's also some irony involved with the fact that when gas prices got so high, people were tightening their belts, and unfortunately ditching things like their summer vacation because they couldn't afford the fuel. So according to AAA, this is dropping demand for gas to a level not seen since the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, when people also weren't going anywhere because everything was shut down.

These are the days when it pays to have no life because you can't afford to go anywhere anyway, and nowhere to drive to but work where you earn money to go to the grocery store to pay the inflated prices for food. We're all looking for any bit of good news, and lower gas prices is certainly some good news. In Cedar Rapids, according to AAA's gas price website, the average is $3.60. But to put it in perspective, the cost a year ago was $3.004.

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