The holiday season might be the most wonderful time of the year, but it also can be the most expensive as well!

Besides all of the holiday shopping, decorations you need to buy, sometimes you'll have to travel for the holidays. And traveling costs some major money, especially nowadays.

Gas prices have been up and down over the last year in the United States. Luckily, there will be some relief from the pain at the pump.

One Iowa city in particular saw tremendously low gas prices recently.

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Overall, Iowa gas prices are still much cheaper than prices in other states across the nation. In late November of this year, reports claimed that the United States average gas price was approximately $4.05.

Iowa's on the other hand, was approximately $3.107.

Which Iowa Town Should I Drive Through If I Want To Fill Up?

Currently, the town in the Hawkeye State that has the lowest gas prices is Windsor Heights. Located just northwest of Des Moines, this city has a population of about 5,252.

The lowest gas price here costs $2.69 per gallon, which is approximately $0.42 less than the state average AND a whole $1.36 cheaper than the national average.

All of the data collected was based off of the most recent gas prices from GasBuddy as well as AAA. Here is the full rundown of the top nine cities/towns in Iowa to fill up.

These places won't have you feeling as much pain at the pump.

  1. Windsor Heights ~ $2.69 per gallon regular
  2. Ankeny ~ $2.72 per gallon regular
  3. Waterloo ~ $2.73 per gallon regular
  4. Mount Pleasant ~ $2.74 per gallon regular
  5. Newton ~ $2.74 per gallon regular
  6. Olds ~ $2.75 per gallon regular
  7. Mason City ~ $2.79 per gallon regular
  8. Ames ~ $2.82 per gallon regular
  9. Sioux City ~ $2.83 per gallon regular

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