The moment Halloween ends, there seems to start a war between those who already want to start Christmas and those who demand we recognize Thanksgiving as well. Well, we're here for you.

The best part of Thanksgiving is being with family and friends...but it's also the food! House Method searched for each state's turkey day recipes and Iowa has a very unique choice we'll get to in a moment

Deep-fried or roasted, the signature dish on Thanksgiving is, of course, turkey, so it makes sense that was the most-searched recipe overall. It took the top stop in nine states!

The midwest favorites were salad. Yes, salad, in Illinois and Minnesota. In North Dakota, Kansas, Wisconsin, Missouri and Michigan, all hail the green bean casserole.

Deviled eggs were the selection in South Dakota.

But the favorite in Iowa? We, along with Nebraska, are the only two states in America to call "corn casserole" our favorites. And yes, it's exactly what it sounds like, with a little cheese added. Find a great "recipe" for it here.

Don't forget dessert, where of all things, we're pretty basic there, too. Brownies.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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