"Orchestra Iowa's Symphonic Tribute to the Music of Journey" happens this weekend. I have plans to go, and it will be my first time at an Orchestra Iowa event. I am really looking forward to it, but I have a question.

It's not something you hear a guy ask too often, but--what am I going to wear?! When I think symphony performance, I think tuxedos, suits and ties, or at the very least khakis and a button-down shirt.

It's a special event, paying tribute, as the name says, to the music of Journey. "Open Arms", "Separate Ways", "Don't Stop Believin"' and more, all played in the symphonic style of Tim Hankewich and Orchestra Iowa.

This being a special classic-rock oriented show, I hoped the dress code would be more casual. After taking to Facebook to ask my friends, I've concluded that nice jeans and a button-down shirt will be acceptable, but I'd like your thoughts as well: are jeans OK to wear to the symphony?

Orchestra Iowa's website FAQ even indicates casual dress is fine.

The key to choosing proper symphony attire is to be both comfortable and confident in your clothing choices. Many patrons will don business attire, but it is absolutely acceptable to be casual in jeans or dress-up in a three-piece suit.

They just want you to be comfortable, so come and enjoy the show. But, I'm still overthinking, because that's just me.

So, let me know if you plan to be there this weekend, and share your thoughts in the comments. Whatever the attire, I hope to see you there for a rockin' good time. I do know one thing: I probably can't get away with what Steve Perry wore in the Separate Ways video:

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