A Tik-Tok user has gone viral for showing a controversial tip left that didn't come in the form of cash, but a gift card.

@Kaittwest, a watiress, shared the video with the caption reading, “Holidays left us #broke.”

In an unknown restaurant, the video shows the customer's bill came out to $95.94. An average tip of about 15% would bring the tip to between the $14 and $15 mark. However, the customer didn't leave a cash tip.

“He asked if he could tip with an Amazon gift card,” the video read.

The video has brought a lot of debate and controversy, with many pointing out that $25 is quite a bit more than a 20% tip of $17.19.

“That’s actually really generous,” one user wrote. “As a waitress I would love it! Lol $25 that’s more than 20% too,” another pointed out in the comments section."

Some were against the tip, saying that as servers, they need the money to pay bills, not pay Amazon.

“People really going out to eat when they don’t have any money huh,” another commenter wrote, according to NY Post.

TikTok users will continue to debate about the gift card, but when it comes down to it, I see it as an alternative to cash.

Sure, you can't pay rent with Amazon, but think about what you can order on Amazon. Anything. It's literally their logo, with the little smiley-face arrow that reprezents them selling anything from A-Z.

So, whether or not this waitress uses it on groceries, home supplies, or day-to-day products like toilet paper, this gift card can go a long way, even if it's not cold-hard-cash.

Plus, I'm no expert, but it's probably pretty hard to tax on a $25 gift card.

Read more at NY Post

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