It is, indeed, gonna be May. Do you know how I know this? Because, I can look at the calendar of course. I am writing this on April 30, making tomorrow the 1st of May.

However, I also know because of a meme that started out kind of funny but has turned into an annoyance. You know the one I'm talking about.

Back when Justin Timberlake was part of *NSYNC, they had a song out called "It's Gonna Be Me". But, as you can hear from the clip above, it sounds as if he's saying "It's Gonna Be MAY". We know what he is really saying but when memes first became a thing, someone, somewhere, decided it would be clever to make one out of the lyric.

It was, again, kind of enjoyable at first, because it was mostly contained to being posted on the final day of April, a funny little one-day joke to transition between months.

Then, like a lot of other fun things, it got ruined. People started posting it, and their own variations of it, all over social media until was out there for at least half of April. Talk about overkill.

I can't blame Justin Timberlake. He had no idea people were going to turn a purposely misheard lyric into a viral sensation. But, this is just a reminder--it's gonna be May. I hope it's a good month for you--and that the weather starts improving for us. But, boy am I going to be glad when it actually IS May, so we aren't subjected to this meme again until next year.

This is just a minor little annoyance but I want to know if anyone agrees with me. And what other viral trends got ruined for you by oversaturation? Share your thoughts in the comments


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