If you're like me, even the worst and hottest summer (and this summer has without a doubt been a scorcher) is better than any fall or winter, but even for devout summer-lovers like myself, a new survey says the summer of 2021, in particular, left a lot to be desired.

80 percent of Americans said "summer 2021 sucked"

I am not going to go that far. But I do think it was different because we were kind of walking on eggshells. At any time, we could go back to the shutdowns and restrictions that made the summer of 2020 horrible because of the Coronavirus pandemic and in Iowa, the derecho. And the potential for it almost made it worse than the actual occurrence of it. The most fun things I did were go to my high school reunion and the Billy Idol concert and hang out with my sister and nephews.

And yet, nearly half of people want to extend it

48 percent of people who hated this summer want to extend it. Why? We're probably looking for a do-over. In fact, some people actually want the government to step in and officially make the season longer. To them, it should be a more important priority than creating a new national park, getting our name in the hat to host the Olympics, or building a new national monument. With an extra two weeks, 76 percent say they could more freely take a vacation. Count me in.

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We'd rather have a root canal than relive this summer?

First of all, enough with this as a comparison between annoying things. I've had one, there are worse things, but even the worst of summers (which by the way is still not over until September 22) is not one of them.

Soon enough we'll be sipping our pumpkin spice lattes (well, SOME of us will) and putting on our extra sweaters so let's make the most of what's left of summer 2021 and hope that next year we will really, really, be back to normal, and really mean it this time.

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