A woman on Reddit says her ex-boyfriend threatened consequences if she doesn't pay him half of her OnlyFans earnings.

"My now ex-boyfriend suggested and convinced me to make an OnlyFans. I didn’t want to do it at the time but eventually gave in as we were short on cash for rent and groceries. My account began making around $500 - $1,000 a month shortly after my account was created, it is still steadily earning around that amount and even higher occasionally," she explained.

"My ex-boyfriend contacted me recently and demanded half of the month's earnings and even had the audacity to say that I owe him money as he’s the one who gave me the idea and believes he is entitled to half of my earnings," she continued on Reddit.

After refusing to give him any of her earnings, her ex allegedly became "quite aggressive" toward her. "He said that towards the end of this month I better have his money ready for him or else," she concluded.

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Users in the comments section told the woman she owes her ex nothing. Some even encouraged her to file a police report.

"Try to get his dumb self to say these things in text/DM so you have proof. Extortion is a no no," one person wrote.

"I would still contact the police and tell them of your concerns so there will be a record of it," another commented.

"Does he think it’s a novel idea no one’s ever had before? The site wouldn’t exist then. It’s not his idea that’s earning money ... it’s your work. Tell him he still has and can keep the idea ... and is free to find out how much he can earn posting his own pictures online. You don’t owe him jack s--t," someone else shared.

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