Bret Michaels revealed the moment he knew Poison had “hit the big time” – and his answer may surprise you.

The singer was a recent guest on the SiriusXM show Trunk Nation. During the course of conversation, Michaels detailed a moment that he considered “one of my biggest days of my life.”

“When Poison’s Look What the Cat Dragged In made it to Columbia House,” the rocker confessed, referring to his band's 1986 debut album. “That, literally, I’m not making it up. When I saw it on there I said, ‘That's it. We hit the big time.’”

Like many music fans, Michaels had been a member of the Columbia House record club when he was growing up. The company was notorious for luring in customers with the promise of 11 albums for a penny. The catch was that consumers had to guarantee they’d buy five more albums at “regular club pricing” over the year – a rate which was normally higher than retail value.

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“I never bothered to read the fine print underneath,” Michaels confessed, adding that his dad once warned him about how Columbia House worked.

“He goes, ‘Did you read this part at the bottom?’ I go, ‘No.’ I said, ‘They’re just giving me everything for a penny,’” Michaels recalled. “He goes, ‘No, no. You’ve got to read.’ Because he knew he was going to be the one holding the bag for it. But he made me, I worked. I did some lawn mowing and snow shoveling to work through the rest of those club pricings.”

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