Our dogs are NOT normal and we love them for it!


When I adopted my pup Tater back in 2020, I definitely found myself a weirdo! Tater has a whole slew of funny habits, but the strangest is definitely his obsession with socks. That dog is a sock NINJA! He's known for uncovering stray ones at every house he visits and he will carry them around in his mouth like a prize. He likes balled up socks more than he likes any of the 20 toys he has at his disposal! Sometimes when people come over wearing socks, he will sit quietly and stare into their soul for a VERY long time until the socks are removed. He's kind of a creep...

Tater also enjoys watching TV, especially if there are animals on the screen. He gets super emotional when he sees one and will sometimes talk to the TV! That includes real animals, cartoon animals, and people in animal costumes. And don't even get me started on the scream yawns and his lack of personal space. I love that little snaggletoof more than anything on the planet, but he's not always the most chill roommate!

In honor of National Puppy Day today (March 23rd), we asked listeners to share photos of their pups and tell us something funny about them! We got a ton of responses and had a blast looking through all the pictures! Here are a few of our favorites from the Facebook page:

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Does your dog have any funny habits? Post a photo and tell us about them in the comments!

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