For years anyone who spoke out about UFOs was labeled crazy. But now our own government confirms that there are things flying around our skies that simply can't be explained. Declassified military videos have only added to the speculation that we are truly not alone in the universe. So what happens if E.T. decides to make a road trip to Earth? It turns out we aren't all well-equipped for an alien invasion.

The New York Post reports that a new study from has identified the best states to live in should an alien invasion occur. The study took into account a number of different factors like landscape and terrain, defense, science and medical resources, and access to food and beverage manufacturing. As you might imagine, some states fare better than others.

The Post reports that Virginia is the state that had the best 'Alien Survival' score. Other states that scored high include Georgia, Massachusetts, New York, and Louisiana. Iowa on the other hand, wasn't quite as fortunate, ranking 34th overall. But there is a bit of a silver lining. Look at the states that border Iowa. Illinois ranked 6th, Missouri ranked 8th and Wisconsin came in 10th! Just throw the family in the mini-van and drive a few hours to safety!

The Post reports an ironic finding of this particular study. The state with the lowest survival score was Nevada. Yes, the home of Area 51. Coincidence? Not on your life! So here's hoping whoever decides to visit our planet does so in the name of exploration, and not colonization.

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