A lot of golf news has been making waves in Iowa over the past few weeks and here's another shining example of the game bringing people together. Over 400 VA and community volunteers have joined in to help for this year's rehabilitative golf program, to help veterans with disabilities learn the game of golf.

The program's host site this year is the Riverside Hotel and Golf resort, with golfing taking place at various golf courses in Iowa City, according to Veterans Golf Clinic. This is a week-long program that gives veterans who may have specific life-changing disabilities the chance to learn how to play adaptive golf. These injuries may vary from traumatic brain injuries, to amputations, and spinal cord injuries, to name a few.

According to Veterans Golf Clinic, this week-long event was created to "give Veterans an opportunity to develop new skills, strengthen their self-esteem, and expand fellowship and camaraderie among the participants."

This program is attended by veterans from all across the country and gives them a chance to learn golf, and maybe more importantly... visit some of their friends. U.S VA Secretary, Denis McDonough, told KCRG, some veterans have mentioned they only started playing golf because of this program and it's fun making new friends.

Navy Veteran, Richard Pint, told KCRG

It's a good event to get me out and get a little exercise and meet some good people. It's just fun and friendly. It helps me keep my golf game going a little bit.

Yesterday we learned about a state-of-the-art driving range called PinSeekers, which features 56 driving range suites as well as a bar and restaurant is coming to Iowa next summer.

We also learned that the LaPorte City Golf Club, which had planned on closing down, was saved by Iowans and others from around the U.S. Add to that, about 14 days ago, an Iowa high school freshman hit a 1 in 6 million golf shot during his first high school tournament.

It feels like every single day we read about terrible and scary things going on in the news. It's been great to see a game I love to play be a shining beacon of light and make headlines for reasons that would make you smile.

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