Dancing With the Stars got some serious competition on last night's (February 1) episode of Late Nightduring which Jimmy Fallon and Jennifer Lopez dreamed up dance moves you won't see at your cousin's wedding anytime soon.

As part of the latest edition of Dance Battle, Lopez and Fallon both drew absurd titles out of a velvet bag for which they had to craft corresponding moves. And while Fallon impressed with "“Putting on Skinny Jeans” and “Walking on a Moving Bus,” J. Lo really upped the ante once she reached in and drew her picks.

"You know how competitive I am; I start acting crazy," Lopez said at the top of the segment, and proved the sentiment as soon as her first assignment "Washing Machine on Spin Cycle." She hula-danced like a Hawaiian mainstay as part of the move before tossing her head forward and spinning her mane around like a well coiffed helicopter.

"I almost took my neck out!" Lopez cried on the sidelines. Still, she didn't hold back for her second move, "Hot Cowboy," which found her whipping her torso back and forth as the background music accelerated.

"That's not hot," she joked after the set, though an audience full of applauding fans begged to differ.

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