"If you're cold, they're cold". It's pretty simple. In fact, it's even worse for your pets in this weather than for you. Yet, people still leave their furbabies out for prolonged periods of time.

The Gazette filed some information about simple, common-sense tips to keep your pets safe in this upcoming stretch of bitter cold.

  • Cats should stay inside. There's a real danger of them sneaking under hoods of cars unbeknownst to the owner, which, when the motor starts is a risk of injury or death.
  • Keep dogs away from salt. You're salting your pavement to avoid slick conditions but that salt is bad for your pets to consume. Keep them away from consuming too much of it.
  • Never shave dogs down to the skin. When having them groomed or bathed, keep a bit of a coat on them and make sure they are dry before going out.
  • Never leave them unattended in cars. Good or bad weather, this applies.
  • Keep them watered at all times.
  • Keep them away from chemicals
  • Make sure they have warm sleeping quarters-there is even a city ordinance on this that you can learn more about here.

Don't forget to shovel out enough of a path or area from the snow for them to properly do their "business" comfortably and safely. Make it a safe winter for both you and your four-legged friend with these tips.

[Via Gazette]

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