We're blessed in Cedar Rapids to have a great facility to watch a baseball game in. Veterans Memorial Stadium, the home of the Cedar Rapids Kernels, would have hosted its first noon game of the season on Wednesday. But the coronavirus pandemic has the sports world in limbo right now. So while there won't be a game in the traditional sense, you can still hit the ballpark on Wednesday for some springtime fun!

The Gazette reports that the Kernels plan on holding what they're calling a "NoOn Game" on Wednesday. Fans of baseball can come out to the stadium between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. and enjoy some ballpark foods and beverages, including alcohol with a meal purchase. The best part? Admission is free. Of course, there still won't be any live baseball played on the field, but the Kernels have something else up their sleeves. There will be a baseball game of one kind or another playing on the big screen, so in a way, we'll have a little baseball at least.

The Gazette reports that there will be a limit of 150 fans allowed into the ballpark to make sure social distancing is observed. Tables will also be well spread out along the concourse with hand sanitizer readily available. Social distancing guidelines will be observed at concession areas. All Kernels employees will be wearing masks and the public is also asked to wear them if they're planning on attending.

It's not baseball how we want it. Not yet. But kudos to the Kernels for opening up their stadium and allowing fans to have some fun this spring.


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