Coming soon to a theater near you will be "American Underdog: The Kurt Warner Story", about Iowa native and grocery-bagger-turned-NFL superstar Kurt Warner.

When we heard the movie was in the works, a dream list of Hollywood's elite came to mind as possibilities to play the role of our beloved underdog.  KCRG reports the role is set and will be played by Zachary Levi. Best known for his starring role in the TV series "Chuck" and in the movie "Shazam", Levi says he is "beyond pumped" to take on the part.

Warner's story is famous around here. He started out playing at Cedar Rapids Regis, then the University of Northern Iowa, and went undrafted by the NFL. He worked at Hy-Vee, landed in the pros and came off the bench for the then-St. Louis Rams to lead them to a Super Bowl win. He also won 2 MVPs and went to 4 Pro Bowls, and credits it all to his faith, which is said to be a large component of the movie to start production late this year and be released in December 2021. Warner has since become known as an NFL broadcaster and for his charity work, in particular with Habitat For Humanity.

Kurt said on Twitter about the casting of Levi: "What a crazy, amazing journey this has been... now I’m going to be played by a Super Hero!! Excited you @ZacharyLevi are taking this ride with us, can’t wait to see you deliver our story to the BIG screen!"

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