In late January, Kurt Warner and Peyton Manning were seen in Cedar Falls documenting what life was like for Warner during his days as a stockboy at Hy-Vee. As it was later reported, the filming was for Manning's documentation show on ESPN+, Peyton's Places.

Yesterday, the major sports media outlet released Warner's episode.


Featured in the third episode of season five, Warner shares the given 20 minutes with former defensive end for the Minnesota Vikings and fellow NFL Hall of Famer, John Randle. The installment was named after each player's story and how they reached the pinaccle of football: Every Underdog Has His Day.

Along with cheesy, football and grocery-based jokes that were clearly written by someone from ESPN, the former UNI Panther quarterback gives Manning some training on what it's like to work at the midwest based grocer. From stocking shelves, to making sure the product label faces out, Manning gets the entire lowdown on the ever strenuous job.

And of course, as was shared in the biopic of Warner, American Underdog, the former Indianapolis Colt and Denver Bronco shares Kurt's ascension through the ranks of Division I-AA football, the Arena Football League, and NFL Europe to eventually earning a roster spot with the St. Louis Rams and winning the 1999 and 2001 NFL MVP and Super Bowl XXXIV.

The pair continue on throughout the episode and have a real, sit-down conversation about what Kurt learned through his time in Cedar Falls and at Hy-Vee, and how it applied to his career as a professional football player.

You can watch the full episode with an ESPN+ subscription here.

This wasn't the only time Warner made it back to his old stomping grounds in 2022. Warner and his wife were invited by the University of Northern Iowa to be the VIPs of the UNI Homecoming Parade this fall. He spent time speaking with the football team, spoke at the launching of the university's Our Tomorrow Campaign, and also had media availability following the parade, as you can see below.

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