Take out that ten-gallon hat and settle on a pair of spurs — Lady Gaga's Joanne World tour has finally kicked off, and it's enough to make you say (forgive us...): yee-hawwww.

After agonizing over details (including which hair color would best sate rabid Little Monsters), Gaga finally debuted her newest show in Vancouver last night (August 1) and left audiences speechless from the moment she stepped on stage. The Rogers Arena was treated to the live debut of "Dancin in Circles," a show-stopping rendition of "Bloody Mary" and a beautiful tribute to the LGBTQ community.

For the most part, Gaga's 22-song set list centered on fan-favorites, though she has promised to continue to unveil new live versions of songs as the tour progresses ("The stage is very different from anything we’ve ever done before," she told Billboard in July).

The Joanne World Tour will hit Edmonton next on August 3 before kicking off the first United States leg in Tacoma on August 5. It'll take Gaga through South America and Europe in September before wrapping up in Inglewood in December.

Check out more standout moments and the full set list below!

Diamond Heart

Poker Face
Perfect Illusion
John Wayne
Just Dance
Come to Mama
The Edge of Glory
Born This Way
Bloody Mary
Dancin’ In Circles (Live Debut)
Angel Down
Bad Romance
The Cure
Million Reasons

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