It's being reported that many of Linn County's bike trails are looking pretty sharp these days. Unfortunately, we mean that literally and not in a good way.

Imagine. You're out on the trail for a relaxing bike ride or walk and suddenly...POP! Or worse yet, OUCH! Your tire pops or your foot throbs in pain from having encountered a cluster of thumbtacks on the trail. Linda and Greg Hulbert shared the following on the Ely, Iowa Friends, Neighbors Residents group on Facebook.

Ely Trail Tacks

This is what has recently been reported by several trail users in Linn County according to KCRG, and the worst part is, no one can figure out who or why. Aside from the individual safety concerns and damage that can be caused, many are also worried about the domino effect.

You might have seen at the recent Tour De France when an accident was caused by a sign-holder in the audience who wanted their masterpiece on TV so bad they actually made their way out into the field of riders momentarily, not only initially distracting a rider who wiped out and was forced to withdraw from that leg of the race, but causing a pile-up of many others who were focused on the ride and not noticing the rogue sign-holder. It's that kind of potential pile-up that is also of concern with these recent thumbtack incidents.

MaryAnn Jarrod Wood shared a post on Facebook of the tire of her son's bike that he has not used since Friday because of a thumbtack he unknowingly ran over.

Mary Ann Jarrod Wood
Mary Ann Jarrod Wood
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Frequent trail user Stephanie Mai told KCRG:

If they were to hit a tack, just knowing how densely populated it can be at some times during the day, one biker goes down, and that could take out three or four more behind them. And so it’s just a scary situation

How do you handle this situation if you encounter it? Start by being a good citizen (unlike the tacky culprits) by cleaning up the mess as best you can, and as safely as possible, but then report it here or directly to local authorities closest to the location, perhaps starting with the Linn County Sheriff at (319)892-6100.

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