When suspects were arrested last August, in connection with a handful of catalytic converter thefts in Eastern Iowa, it appears that was not the end of the story.

According to KCRG, another theft of this highly valuable auto part has left a local nonprofit without a vehicle. Gator Gaynor of the Drop Inn Resale store has been victimized recently. He tried to start their cargo van and realized the problem when he heard several loud pops.

He says it's going to cost about $6,000 to fix and now the group doesn't have a vehicle to make its needed deliveries to the community (without using their own vehicles). Some of the things they deliver are large items like furniture so this certainly does put a challenge on them. Their profits from sales benefit people and projects locally and around the world, and unfortunately, they also do not have the funding for security cameras to track down any leads.

Catalytic converters are a "hot" part these days because they are relatively easy to remove, and can generally net the thief $300-$500 when sold back on the black market.

The Drop Inn is located at 1625 J St SW (next to Save-a-Lot Food Store) in Cedar Rapids. Again, they can not make their most important deliveries without this vehicle working properly, but they are not taking formal donations for repair/replacement. If you've been in that area recently and seen anything suspicious, or would possibly just like to find out if you can help, drop in and see them.

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