With the announcement that Cedar Rapids is getting its new Coronavirus testing site, the location at which it's set to open is raising hairs among truck drivers in Eastern Iowa. Essential workers colliding (figuratively, hopefully not literally) with confused and nervous test-takers amidst an added traffic flow is the crux of the issue.

It will be at the Kirkwood Driving School location, and 50th St. SW near Highway 30 is an area that sees a lot of semi-truck traffic congestion already. Add in folks wanting their Coronavirus test, and big-rig operators see a problem.

They worry about those navigating toward the test site who might not be all that familiar with the area around Kirkwood. It also potentially brings an influx of people not yet familiar with the rules of qualifying for a COVID test, which involves first taking the TestIowa assessment.

In talking with KCRG, one trucker worries about people coming to the site wanting the test without taking the assessment to qualify, who will then have to take it and make a return trip back to the site area.

Cedar Rapids Mayor Brad Hart isn't so concerned. He told KCRG, "it’s a really large parking lot, it’s pretty accessible off of the interstate and off of 30, and Kirkwood and Prairie are closed".

May 7 is the new date, according to KCRG when we find out how all of this will work unless the city decides to rethink the chosen site, which at this time, there is no plan to do so.

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