54-year-old Budimir Buda Sobat of Croatia just broke a Guinness World Record, for holding his breath submerged underwater for 24 minutes and 33 seconds.

How is this possible?

Before his record-breaking feat, he was allowed to breathe 100% oxygen for thirty minutes before submerging himself. But you also need to train your body to do something insane like this. According to Buffalo.edu;

Freedivers will hyperventilate for as much as 10 minutes while breathing from a tank of 100% oxygen. Breathing hard and fast expels carbon dioxide from the body, buying time before CO2 levels get too high. Likewise, boosting oxygen stores with pure oxygen buys time before O2 levels fall too low.

Then, by floating in the water – especially cold water – blood circulation shifts to mainly the brain and heart. Lowering the amount of oxygen the body is using allows people to hold their breath for extremely long intervals.

The previous world record for holding your breath underwater, according to Guinness, was 11 minutes, 35 seconds.

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