"Life is short, serve dessert first" is the unofficial slogan at Jules' Bakery and among its customers in Marion and around Eastern Iowa.

After serving dessert first for 18 years, the owner is moving on to her next course. Juli "Jules" Hardin has announced she is selling the business---which would come with all client lists, "processes", equipment and the leased property the business sits in.

She wants to sell to the "next rising star" in the bakery business, who can keep the shop true to its nearly two-decade heritage in the area.

That’s what my customers want. I have a great following and there’s a good foundation here.

Hardin will stay for a year and help transition its new owner--who has not yet been found--into their space. She had designed her business plan to keep the bakery for 18 years, so she's keeping that plan in place. While she never came out and said it, she's been hinting to her customers for over a year that this would be it.

She's created special treats for every customer and occasion, from brides to birthday parties to graduations, catered to new mothers and more, and her goodies have been ordered everywhere around the world.

She'll now spend time with her family, volunteering, working with entrepreneurs, and potentially running for office.

Best of luck to Jules Hardin and the next in line to keep this sweet tradition alive in the Corridor.

[Via Gazette]

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