High school and college marching bands including in Illinois and Wisconsin have the opportunity of a lifetime and the chance to win thousands of dollars through a contest sponsored by one of the biggest bands in the world, Metallica.

Marching Bands Are A Big Part Of Football Tradition In IL & WI

I've been going to football games of all levels including youth, high school, college, and pros since I was a little kid. They're much more than just contests. It's a whole entertainment event. Besides the players, the one thing that always fascinated me was the marching band. Those musicians are a big part of the tradition. Not only are they playing the song but they also have to march in formation. It's truly amazing.

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Special Contest For Marching Bands Throughout United States Including IL & WI

For the past several years, Metallica has done an incredible job using its resources such as money and celebrity to help out causes throughout the world. They're giving opportunities to people that don't normally get them. The band's latest endeavor is a fun contest for marching bands. Many of them use Metallica's music for their routines.

According to metallica.com,

In a national challenge to marching bands in the United States, we’re looking for the most exciting, unique, and impressive performances of some of our songs.


Participants will be narrowed down to five finalists by professional judges, and we will select the final prize winners in each category. Fan Favorite winners will be chosen by popular vote.

If you would like to support marching bands from Illinois and Wisconsin, you can vote now right HERE.

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