As The Obama family's White House tenancy quickly comes to an end, First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama has become more sentimental than she expected she would be, she told Jimmy Fallon on last night's (January 11) episode of The Tonight Show

During the appearance — Obama's final late-night interview as First Lady — she told Fallon the prospect of leaving 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is finally hitting her.

"It’s nuts, I feel like crying right now. I didn’t think it would be this emotional, because it's like 'Yeah, we're ready, we're good...Eight years is enough,'” she said. “It has been surprisingly emotional for all of us in ways that we didn't expect."

And emotions have been running high lately for Obama, who got choked up during her final speech as First Lady on January 6. She explained to Fallon that the subject of children is ultimately what set her off.

"Kids are my heart," she said. "When I think about the fact that some of them are afraid of what's to come, what I said is that I don't want them to be afraid. I want them to embrace the future and know that the world is getting better."

"I want our kids — I don't care where they come from — to move forward with strength and hope," she added.

So, what's next for Obama in a post-FLOTUS world? She said it's crucial to remain involved in the programs she cares about — like championing healthier school lunches — and hoping a Donald Trump administration doesn't undo her progress.

"We have to keep doing things that make sense," she said. "I'm not done. I'm too young to stop."

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