Happy (Belated) Mother's Day! We asked you to tell us why your "Mom's Your Inspiration". As we approach the evening of Saturday, May 18th and welcome Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees Chicago to the McGrath Amphitheatre, we have taken dozens of entries and chosen the following winners of tickets to the show. The following entries show just how special these women are.

  • Julie Hebert
Julie Hebert
"My mom is the greatest mom ever! I tell her that, but she doesn't believe me. She laughs at me! Then she asks me what I want. Seriously though she is pretty special. My name Is Samantha, and I am 20. It's just mom and me. I have Down Syndrome. My mom is not just my mom, she is my best friend! She is funny, caring, and loving, but not just to me--to all our friends and family! She is a Teacher at Linn-Mar, and she loves and cares for all those kid's there too! I know being my mom can sometimes be hard, but I think she knows I appreciate what she does for me. We both love music, and Chicago plays some of our favorite songs. I don't have much to give my mom for Mothers Day...I never do. She says a big hug and kiss is enough, but once it would be nice to give her something else. Something we could both enjoy. My mom has the biggest heart, and she makes me feel special and not because of my disability, but because she believes in me and loves me for me!"
  •  Leigh Niedert (submitted by daughter Julia Moore)
J Moore
"My mama deserves to see her all-time favorite band because she has inspired my brother and I to be hard working, caring, and polite people. She has raised us as a single parent and has given us everything we’ve needed, when she went without. She spent a lot of time with us teaching us how to be independent, respectful and the best we can be. I want to raise my future kids the same way she raised us. I love my mom so much and words can’t even explain it. This would be the best Mother’s Day gift my mom has ever received. Thank you!”"
  • Tonia Bails
"My mom raised me alone. She's a breast cancer survivor, and through all life’s curve balls she's the best living example of NEVER GIVING UP. She LOVES Chicago and this would be so awesome to take her to."
  • Sandi
I hardly know where to start to define the good nature of my mom’s heart. From the nurturing mother who has always been there to wipe away tears, encourage, love, support, and always care. A dedicated mother of two, a devoted wife, an awesome sister, a cool grandma, just to name a few. She’s a palliative care and hospice companion to those in need. She brings homebound communion to those who cannot leave. Despite the many losses she has suffered along the way, she seizes every opportunity to be a blessing to someone each day. Dedicating her retirement to help others with whatever it takes. Yet she is humble, hardly recognizing the impact that she makes. Many lives have been touched by this angel here on earth, but none so much as mine; for I am the daughter to whom she gave birth. My rock, my mentor, my friend - by far the best to call her my mom . . . I am truly blessed.”
  • Sara Brace
Sara Brace

"Hey there! First of all, thank you for this amazing opportunity to spend time with my Mom at an awesome concert. I would say I've got the best Mom in the world, and I truly don't know what I would do without her. She has taken care of me my entire life, and was there for every pivotal moment. She helped me find my first prom dress, she helped me pick out my wedding dress, and she even bought my son his first toy. She does it all with such grace and love. She never stopped being an amazing mom even when she was diagnosed with breast cancer about 10 years ago. She was strong. She was brave. And she is now an amazing suvivor. And she is more than an amazing mom and a survivor mom. She's a COOL mom. My Mom was inducted into the Iowa Rock and Roll Hall of fame a couple of years ago under the name Hampton Road. She did back up singing for my Dad who was the lead singer. I'm so proud! But for my mom to have the energy and talent needed to keep up with an amazing band like that...wow! Last but not least.. the way she supports my dad's business. Although she works full time, my mom comes home every day to do the book work and calling for my dad's business. That's practically a second full time job! Shes a big help to my dad. Boy, even writing this it is hard to believe my mom does so much. I continue to be impressed by and in awe of her every day. And I always will. Thank you again for your time and consideration. Take Care, Sara Brace"

  • Jyl King

"Hi, I'm Josie and I'm too little to write and nominate my mom for the Chicago tickets so my Grandma is helping me. I was born 7 months ago to the best mom ever. You see I have a rare generic issue that the doctors say has no name, because there are no reported cases like me. I have all of chromosome 4 duplicated and a 4 q translocated to 15 and as if that weren't enough part of 15 is gone. My mommy had no idea anything was wrong til I was born. Within minutes she learned more about science and the human body than most people will know in a lifetime. My mom has gone to bat for me and has been my biggest advocate, researching everything she possibly can about my condition and everything that has come with it. I had pyloric stenosis and I was only 2 weeks old and she had to fight the doctors to get me tested. turns out she was right and I had to have surgery on Halloween. Without her doing this I would have most definitely died. On top of that she noticed right away that something was wrong with my feet and I have what is known as oblique talus. I went to the orthopedic doctor and sure enough she was right again. I have casts on both of my legs right now to help fix the issue. I was also told I have complete agenesis of the corpus callosum which means that the fibers that connect the two parts of the brain aren't there and the two sides don't talk to each other. My mom was told that I probably wouldn't be able to reach across my body or take a toy and move it from one hand to the other.My mom has worked with me everyday oh, and guess what!? I have started to reach across my body and have passed a toy from one hand to the other! that doesn't seem like a lot for most kids, but for me that's a super big deal and without my mom there is no way I would be able to do that. She takes me to multiple doctors appointments each week. She never misses any of them because she knows how important they are. With all of the bad news she's gotten it would be very easy to give up. But she doesn't. Every morning we get up and she tells me that she loves me despite of it all.My mom could use some time that is just for her. Right now she dedicates all of her time to me and she will for the rest of her life.I would love to see my mom get to pamper herself for a change and get a moment to relax.I hope you'll consider her and love her unselfish dedication as much as I do. She's the best mom in the universe and she's mine! Thank you! From: Josie Olivia Ambrose"

  • Dominic Helmuth
Dominic Helmuth

“I'm not gonna lie, I think my mom is totally the best mom ever (not biased at all)! My mom is a huge fan of Chicago. Even though my dad was the one who introduced me to classic rock, my mom introduced me to Chicago. I've loved them ever since. My mom has listened to Chicago since she was in High School. Without her, I wouldn't have been introduced to Chicago when I was and I wouldn't have her support for all the decision I've made throughout my life. The most recent one, and probably the biggest, was the decision to join the Iowa National Guard. My mom supported me 100% and that's what every mom should do with their children, support them 100%. I'm thankful for everything my mom has done for me. My mom will always have my back no matter where life takes me”

  • Jake Hartman

"My mom is the best because she is letting me go to China with my friends."

  • Marissa Scherbaum

"My mom is so important to me because she grew up in a bad home and bad home life . when she came from and who she is wow . she's amazing and loves us 5 kids and 4 grand kids with her whole heart. She has made her job that we all be scooped and college educated too . that we are all have good jobs. That was her job as a mom she says.she did well I love her with all my heart. Ian the youngest of the 5 educated and love being close to her. We just had a great Easter too all 15 and she made us very tasty ham too."

  • Kelsey Taylor

"My mom inspires me because she is always there for my family when we need her. She keeps a great smile on her face at all times. Her can-do attitude makes her ready to face any obstacle that comes her way"