The ending of Marvel’s Moon Knight left us with a lot of questions. Why doesn’t Harrow have a suit of armor as the avatar of Ammit the same way Mark and Layla do as the avatars of Khonshu and Tawaret? Why was Layla so good as a superhero on her very first time out if Steven was initially a disaster as “Mr. Knight”? Did Harrow really die at the end of the season? How did Harrow get his cane if you need to be judged by Ammit to get one and Ammit was imprisoned until he released her during the series? Why does the real mental hospital from the end of the season look like the imaginary one that Marc finds in the afterlife?

Those are just a few of the many questions we heard from viewers on Twitter and YouTube, and on our latest Moon Knight video, we answer and explain all of them. In addition to all those potential plot holes, and more — like why there were two hearts when Steven and Marc first enter the afterlife, but when Marc revives Steven he now only has one heart? If Marc and Steven each had different Moon Knight costumes, why didn’t Jake have a different costume — or if he did, why didn’t Layla notice it? Check it out all the answers below:

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