Every week seems to bring a new wave of openings all over the US and in multiple states. We've seen many casinos all over Iowa already open up with many guide lines set in place. With a limited capacity.

Even more locations are opening this week.

Many people were waiting for this one, Wild Rose Casino in Clinton has reopened table games after their 75 day hiatus due to the Coronavirus. The Blackjack and poker tables are officially up and running.

Wild Rose is following all the guide lines for social distancing. Casino Manager Leah Garcia said,

"We actually expanded our what we call a pit, the table games.” Said Garcia. “We expanded the area so that there is quite a bit of distance between tables. Also too we promote cleaning the table layout itself and the chairs every time someones gets up and comes in to a table.”

According to Our Quad Cities Two tables were removed from the game room so the others could be spread out.  Guests are highly encouraged to wear masks, but it should be noted that they are not required. Machines are also open with some chairs removed.

Wild Rose is hoping for a big boost this weekend, they do have limited hours, but do also have the dogs and horses so they are racing at the moment. More information can be found here. 

As always, no matter where you go QC, make sure you stay safe out there!

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