After moving in March, the whole ordeal still continues.

The refrigerator died, still waiting on the oven to get fixed (luckily it's too hot out to cook right now anyway) and the countertop got a crack in it.

When you have the luxury of doing it little by little because it's in the same town and your old house doesn't sell right away--which can be both a benefit and curse, it is still a pain, I'll grant you. But you can at least transport your belongings at your leisure. I feel sorry for people who have to move cross-country or get out of your old house right away. That makes it tougher. You have to rent a truck, or load your belongings into your own vehicles if you'd rather. That costs money.  What a pain.

Then there's remembering to change your mailing address with the post office, your driver's license (still haven't done that), your voter registration (JUST got that done). There are so many things to remember. Packing, moving, unpacking, deciding where everything goes and how you accumulated so much stuff in the first place. The trials and tribulations of moving. So much work. What a pain.

If you get your friends to help and buy the beer at the end, at least it helps.

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