Not many adults enjoy going to museums but one is finally opening soon in Milwaukee and the grown-ups are really going to like it.

The Idea Of A Beer Museum In Milwaukee

Milwaukee's nickname is Brew City because of its deep history with brewski's. It would only make sense to open the beer museum in the capital of the popular adult beverage. So three friends came up with the idea in 2001. Now, they've finally got a permanent location.

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Milwaukee Is The Permanent Location For The Beer Museum

After a long search, the owners have finally found a home for the beer museum. The building is a multi-use facility. I believe it's the perfect atmosphere for the museum. It will be opening soon at Lincoln Warehouse.

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Lincoln Warehouse is home to brewers, distillers, hair salons, recording studios, online retailers, artists of all stripes and warehouse space.


What Exhibits Will Be Featured At The Museum Of Beer And Brewing

 Beer fans in Wisconsin are very excited about the beer museum finally opening in a permanent location in Milwaukee because they have some great ideas. It will include the Brewing Hall of Fame, the history of brewing, a full learning facility, and more.

According to,

A lease agreement has been reached with the building owner, the newsletter article written by Luther notes, and the museum is expected to open at the start of the new year, “with significant assistance from membership.

According to,

Our mission is to preserve and display the proud history of beer and brewing throughout the world and particularly in North America.

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