There's nothing like seeing our home from afar (WAY afar) to put everything in perspective.

The QC Times reports a new photo of the Quad Cities was taken at the International Space Station on December 6 and posted to NASA's website with the description,

"The city of Moline, Illinois is surrounded by the Mississippi and Rock Rivers," reads the caption on NASA's website. "The Mississippi River is the boundary between the states of Illinois and Iowa."

The photo contains an approximately 40 mile stretch of the QCA, from Viola, Illinois to DeWitt, Iowa. Because the image is rotated, the top points east towards Chicago (so Moline also seen at the top).

The QC was one of only a few aerial shots taken by the ISS that has been posted by NASA recently.

Hovering 250 miles above Earth, the International Space Station is currently home to six people that are part of the the Expedition 61 crew.

To see the image of the QC from the ISS, click here.

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