The homeless population in Cedar Rapids will soon have a new shelter available as the temperatures continue their frigid plunge. Willis Dady has been searching since July for a location to house homeless residents. They now have secured a location.

The new overflow homeless shelter will be the old Salvation Army building in downtown Cedar Rapids. Crews are currently working on the building to make sure all the utilities are in working order and fixing a few broken windows. Around $10,000 will cover the cost of rent, utilities and a staff of two people each night at the shelter through March.

Organizers say they hope to have the new shelter open by December 1st. Another location was being discussed for an overflow shelter location, but this building became available sooner. There are currently 75 beds available at shelters for the homeless population of Cedar Rapids. That leaves between 30 and 40 people with no place to go. The new shelter will at least give them a safe, warm place to sleep.


[via CBS2]

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