I have a friend, his name is Joe. Joe is homeless and lives in downtown Cedar Rapids behind a local business. This is where he calls his home, and he let us take a look around.

Joe has had a tough life and is currently out of a job. He's looking for work, but it will be several months before he can even think about renting an apartment. He doesn't want to live here forever, but it's where he's at now.

I took some photos for you to see what's Joe's world is all about. Let's hope he can get back on track. For real, NOBODY should have to live like this. God bless you, my friend. I hope things get better.

A Look Into Cedar Rapids Homeless Living

I sure do hope that Joe can get his life back on track. Nobody should have to live like this. I did ask him why he hasn't gone to a shelter. He mentioned there was an issue the last time he went there and was nervous to go back.

So for now, Joe will remain on the streets. He's one of the many other people that don't have a home here in Cedar Rapids. I sure wish there was something we could do to make that stat lower.

I know I'll never take having a place to sleep for granted.

Never again.

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