According to KCRG, Linn County attorney Nick Maybanks says updated charges are likely next week against Timothy Rush (above left) after a third death was recently confirmed as a result of Rush's alleged role in the Taboo Nightclub shooting in April.

Nicole Owens and Michael Valentine both died after the shooting. 10 others were reportedly injured and one of those was Marvin Cox, who was placed on life support. It was confirmed this week that Cox has died as well, as a result of head injuries he sustained.

A criminal complaint stated that Timothy Rush took a 9mm gun to Taboo Nightclub in April. Investigators said surveillance video inside the club shows Rush shooting into the crowd. Per KWWL, he faces 15 criminal charges. The full extent of the current charges can be found here.

The Linn County attorney's office now says additional charges are likely to be forthcoming following Cox's death.

29-year-old Dimione Walker of Coralville, above right, is facing a first-degree murder charge in connection to the shooting. He was arrested in Chicago where he remains in custody on unrelated charges.

This is a developing story and we will keep you updated as new details become available.

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