Natural Grocers had a grand opening on Blairs Ferry Road NE. As a vegan, I am always skeptical but open minded about feeling included (Iowa isn't exactly known for its vegan and vegetarian options). Yet Natural Grocers did not disappoint. All produce is Non-GMO (if you're into that). Plus, there are a lot of items not offered in surrounding stores.

One area to check out is the large selection of healthier candies. I got to eat what tastes identical to the Amy's Brand version of a milky way.... that's something I thought I had given up for life! They also have a kitchen area where classes are offered and events take place. While I was there, an ice cream social was held that included all diets. So I was given a complimentary dairy-free coconut based root beer float!

Finally there is a refrigerated section of sunflower seeds, almonds, dried fruits, and many others that are extremely affordable. Natural Grocers has picked up some of the items that Fresh Market seemed to have missed.