Sweet dreams are made of this, and who am I to disagree...with John Tesh? He cited a study recently on his Intelligence for Your Life website, revealing the who, why and how of remembering our dreams.

All the participants in the study showed similar brain activity changes during the study, which determined that pretty much everyone does dream, one way or another.

But only half of us remember our dreams when we wake up. The study called these people "high recallers" and the reason they can more easily remember their dreams? They are lighter sleepers.

So it's a trade off--deep sleep where you may not remember your dreams, or vivid dream recall during not so good sleep. I tend to wake up in the middle of "good" dreams and sleep through others so this would make sense. You can balance it out, according to the article, with a little Vitamin B6.

Do you remember your dreams? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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