If you're looking for a feel-good story about our country, you've found it! More Americans than ever are volunteering! The latest statistics show that a wave of generosity is washing over the U.S.

The survey, taken by the U.S. Census Bureau on behalf of The Bureau of Labor and Statistics, shows that 30.3%, nearly a third of all adult Americans, volunteer at least once a year. That's up from just 6% the previous year! Overall, 77.4 million Americans volunteered 6.9 billion hours of their time. That's worth an estimated value of over $167 billion!

So who are all these Americans who volunteer their time and talents? The survey found that Generation X'ers are the most likely to volunteer, and more women than men. The rates of volunteerism also vary by state, and Iowa ranks very high in this department! The state came in 4th in the nation for volunteering with 41.5% of the adult population lending a helping hand. Utah was number one at just over 50%.

The most popular categories of volunteering include fundraising, collecting and distributing food, mentoring youth, and coaching and referees.


[via CNN]

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