He's a familiar voice and face to Eastern Iowa, but maybe not to all KDAT listeners. Welcome Jaymz Larson to our team!

Courtlin is off enjoying her birthday weekend. We wish her a happy one and hope she is celebrating in style. Rest assured, she will be back. However, that left us needing someone to sub in for her in the afternoons on Thursday and Friday this week. Normally, I would just pull an all-dayer but I begged for some relief and got it this week.

Speaking of all-dayers, Jaymz has a million jobs. He is either the Ryan Seacrest or Tucker Carlson of Cedar Rapids broadcasting. He hosts Heartland Poker Tour on TV, is an on-field announcer for the Cedar Rapids Kernels and Cedar Rapids RoughRiders, and spends most of his time while in our building down the hall at 94.1 KRNA. He's actually done a couple of remotes and appearances on behalf of KDAT too. I probably don't even need to tell you who he is. He is a legend.

Time will tell how often Jaymz will be joining us on KDAT (hopefully I'm not being replaced!), but I wanted to introduce you to him if you didn't know him, and thank him, because it was a big help to me this week to have some extra backup.

Thanks, Jaymz!

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