After Chief Joseph McHale, and Deputy Chief Doug Slagle resigned in recent months, new details have come to light on the situation in the Marion Police Department.

Marion's police union has reportedly given a "no confidence" to the leadership of the department. It includes McHale, Slagle, and Administrative Manager Shellene Gray. An investigation continues into why the resignations were submitted. It appears City Manager Lon Pluckhahn still refuses to talk about anything.

The no-confidence letter discusses the union's belief that department leadership isn't committed to safety in the workplace. McHale said it's the union creating that "complicit" and "hostile" workplace in making these accusations. He insists the only reason he left is to take a new job opportunity.

Meanwhile, the Mayor of Marion will not speak either, only saying he has complete confidence in the City manager to handle this ongoing case.

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[Via KCRG]

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