OK Go is known for their amazing music videos (including the Grammy-winning 'Here It Goes Again'), so it's no surprise that their new visual for 'I Won't Let You Down' is simply amazing.

In what is perhaps the most well-coordinated video ever, OK Go ride Honda UNI-CUB mini Segways, zipping through a shopping centers with the greatest of ease. Some colorful umbrellas (and a lot of backup dancers) make for a pretty incredible overall effect. Even more impressive: The 'I Won't Let You Down' video was shot all in one take. That's a lot of detail to capture without messing up, yet they do it so well.

While the entire video is amazing, our favorite part is when the aerial camera zooms out to show the dancers forming different designs (and words!) just by opening or closing their umbrellas. Consider us wowed.

Check out OK Go's mesmerizing 'I Won't Let You Down' video above!

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