Who couldn't use a little extra money right now, especially when it's already yours to begin with? Radio Iowa reminds us that The Great Iowa Treasure Hunt continues in its 40th year, having already reunited over $300 million dollars in unclaimed financial assets (including unclaimed property from safe deposit boxes) with its rightful owners, and state treasurer Michael Fitzgerald encourages you to look into it. They don't really do anything with that money, so you might as well claim it if it's yours.

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How do I get my money?

It's super simple. Look up your name (and the names of ALL your relatives, living or dead) here. It's like getting a stimulus check before there was a name for it. The average person, according to Fitzgerald, may have $300-$400 to claim from the "Great Iowa Treasure Hunt", but of course, there are no guarantees. You could be even luckier as Fitzgerald notes an occasional multi-thousand dollar windfall has been claimed and even one gentleman in Storm Lake, who had $2.1 million. That's far more than a stimulus check, it's like winning the lottery.

How did I not KNOW I had this income to my name?

Fitzgerald says people just forget. They forget about stocks and bonds they own, (legitimate) insurance policies they have that go uncollected, etc. These miscellaneous sources add up, as one in seven Iowans never check. Even if you don't live in Iowa anymore, past residents can claim their piece of the treasure hunt.

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