We just want to give you the tickets and gift cards you won, folks.

Unfortunately, we can't do that if we don't have the correct contact and address information. Occasionally, it's a case of bad penmanship on the part of the envelope stuffer and sender (I might write worse than a doctor) but we often do get mailings returned because the address either doesn't exist, isn't recognized by the post office or the intended recipient no longer lives or works there. Mistakes happen, but the postage is going to start coming out of my paycheck soon, so I beg you, please give us your current and correct information when entering to win. If you've moved since you entered, you can update your information in your VIP account.

We just want to give you your prizes in a prompt and timely manner, so please, whether you enter to win by phone or through the app, bear with us and tell us exactly the right place to send it to. We're also often able to make arrangements for you to pick it up in person if you prefer. There are lots of amazing prizes up for grabs and there is nothing we want more than for you to enjoy what you've earned as a loyal listener of our station!

Thanks, and happy winning!


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