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Animal abuse and neglect is everywhere. Despite how regularly we see it, it still doesn't make it any less sad. Another case of neglect comes out of southeast Iowa.

According to WQAD, the Muscatine Police wound up rescuing over 40 dogs from a mobile home in Fruitland, Iowa. Police received an anonymous tip about a couple living with an excessive amount of dogs. A Muscatine Animal Control officer investigated the residence at 150 Main Street and found "overcrowded and unsanitary conditions." The report detailed an excessive amount of animal waste inside the home, and that the animal did not have access to food or medical care.

After getting a search warrant the Muscatine Police, Animal Control, and the Humane Society worked together to rescue the dogs from the mobile home. A whopping 42 dogs were taken from the home--42! That many dogs living in a mobile home....can you imagine!? You can see a photo of the outside of the residence in the article here.

We're glad the animals are finally in good hands and being very well taken care of at the Muscatine Humane Society. An investigation is still ongoing.

It's sad to see cases like this continue to pop up. Around this time last year nearly 50 dogs were' rescued from a property in Marengo. Foruntaletly, in both of these cases the dogs are all safe. Hopefully, punishment for animal neglect and abuse in Iowa will get harsher. Currently animal abuse in Iowa is considered a misdeamor, punishable by up to two years in prison. According to KCRG, and Iowa new Iowa bill is aiming to "make animal torture an automatic felony. Iowa is the only state that doesn’t do this currently."

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