The Cedar Rapids Police Department has announced they've arrested two residents and charged them with animal neglect.

Cedar Rapids Animal Care and Control and the Cedar Rapids Police Department (CRPD) were contacted about possible neglect of animals on Tuesday, July 27.

The CRPD reports that the people living in a home in the 1300 block of B Avenue NW had five cats, two dogs, and a Chinchilla. According to a media release, officers with Animal Control, officers with the Cedar Rapids Police Department, and housing officials with the city found the inside of the home covered with urine and feces.

An adult Chihuahua had begun to experience hair loss and was infested with fleas. An adult Springer Spaniel was having difficulty walking due to "very overgrown nails." The dog also had a large number of fleas and had lost large amounts of hair. The dog was also having "severe allergic reactions to the flea bites."

Cedar Rapids Police
Cedar Rapids Police

All of the cats in the home were covered in fleas and the cage for the Chinchilla was "covered in feces and apparently had not been cleaned in a significant amount of time."

Two people living in the home admitted that the living conditions were poor, as was the health of the animals. All eight of the animals were then removed.

40-year-old Stephen T. Boozell II and 44-year-old Monica R. Moore-Boozell were each arrested on July 29, and charged with eight counts of Animal Neglect.

The animals continue to receive care at Cedar Rapids Animal Care & Control. They will eventually be available for adoption, put into foster homes, or placed in a rescue.

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