One of my favorite things to do with my kids is read together.  It's a cherished ritual we started when they were little, and we are asked to do even as they get older.  No argument here.  That's why I'm a big supported of an upcoming program here in Cedar Rapids. It's called "Mother Goose on the Loose."  It's an 8 week lapsit reading program for parents with children ages birth to 3, that'll be held at the Cedar Rapids Public Library starting Mar. 31st for the Tuesday night sessions, or April 2nd for the Thursday night sessions.

It sounds like it'll be a fun way to learn together, with rhymes, songs, puppets, instruments, and quite a variety of other activities.  It's actually an award winning literacy program, quite different from other lapsit programs, partly because it's an 8 week consecutive week course, and partly that is uses a different style, using 80% repetition, which at that young age is so important.  There's also developmental tips for caregivers, which as a parent, we can always use.

Registration is open now. Register online at or by calling 319-261-READ.

[Via Cedar Rapids Public Library]