It's officially cucumber season and one Northeastern Iowa brewery needs your help!

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We are right in the heart of cucumber growing season. The vegetables are planted sometime between April and June and then cucumber harvest begins in August and can go all the way up until November.

One brewery in Calmar is actually in search of a whole lot of cucumbers. PIVO Brewery and Blepta Studios has forty taps of small-batch beer & cider that are all named after local Northeastern Iowa towns.

"Our whole concept is centered on the idea of "home". We chose northeast Iowa because it is where our roots are, and where we wanted to stay after moving around for so many years. It just seemed natural to honor the places we love by naming our products after them." ~ PIVO Brewery & Blepta Studios officials

Located at 101 Huber Drive in Calmar, PIVO has a fan favorite beer that requires a very special ingredient.

It just so happens to be my favorite beer of theirs too by the way...

It's called the Conover Cucumber Ale, and for them to brew this delicious drink they need a whole lot of cucumbers. That is why they are asking people to donate their own extra or overgrown cucumbers for them to use in the brewing process!

PIVO will also be holding contests based off of the produce donated.

These different categories include;

  • most cucumbers donated
  • heaviest single cucumber
  • longest cucumber

The winner of each category will win a PIVO Growler and fill! Everyone who donates their cucumbers for the drink will also be entered in to win a Crowler can.

If you do end up helping them out, the team behind PIVO ask that you leave your name and phone number with all donated cucumbers.

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