One of the best things about the start of a new school year is that a new season of Playtime Poppy is about to kick-off.  If you're looking for a fun affordable family idea that the kids will love, it doesn't get much better than Poppy.We are so lucky to have an organization like Playtime Poppy in our community.  Not only does it help get the city more involved and exposed to the amazing talent in our high schools, it also provides an extremely affordable entertainment option for parents.  As a parent, I know that's a big deal.  So when you can get the kids away from the TV,video games, and movies, and put them in front of a cast of zany characters, who interact with the audience, sing songs the kids might already know, and do it all in an hour or less, it doesn't get much better.  And the shows are all great.  Over the years, I've seen Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Mulan, Peter Rabbit, the Princess and the Pea, Cat in the Hat, Winnie the Pooh, and Alice in Wonderland among many others.

This years line-up kicks off next weekend with "The Princess Who Wouldn't Wear Pink" at Jefferson High School.  Now if you recall, over the summer, Jefferson suffered the brunt of a bad storm, which flooded the basement and near destroyed a lot of their theater items/costumes.  We're excited to see how they recovered and what this show will look like, as we've always really enjoyed their presentations.

Good Luck!