Today is the day.  The new season of Playtime Poppy kicks off, as Jefferson High School performs "The Princess Who Wouldn't Wear Pink". We're guessing you're just about as unfamiliar with the title as we were, so here's the basic synopsis. Princess Rose is not your typical princess. She loves science, reading, climbing trees; she collects tools, and does not like the color pink. She swears there is nothing wrong with the color, but she doesn’t like wearing something just because everyone else is doing it. When an invitation arrives for a ball in a far away town, Princess Rose jumps at the opportunity to go because her father, who is often away on business, will be there. Then she reads further down the invite. All attendees must wear a large, frilly, pink dress and an oversized pink bow on their head. Rose summons up all her courage, dons the pink nightmare, and heads off to the ball. Along the way, she meets Rapunzel, Humpty Dumpty, Snow White and the Dwarves, the Itsy Bitsy Spider, and Cinderella – each of whom are in a jam and need Rose’s help. But with each person she helps, more and more of her pink dress is sacrificed to help others hold together their broken shell with a bow or snag a key from up in a tower with thread pulled from a seam. By the time Rose has reached the ball, there may not be much of the dress left. Finally, at the ball, we meet the Prince and his hard of hearing father, the King. It turns out the Prince was hoping to meet a girl who wasn’t afraid to let others know what she thinks, but his father sent out an invitation to all the princesses in the land “who would obey and wear head to toe pink.” As the ball begins, the Prince is lost in a sea of identical pink dresses, all except one. One princess’s pink dress has fallen apart and revealed her very individual purple dress beneath. The Prince has to find out who she is but is speechless when they meet face to face. No problem – she asks him to dance!

Sounds good, right?  The Jefferson crew always does a great job with these shows, and we definitely look forward to checking this one out.  Plus, it's only an hour, so the kids don't have to sit still too long.  Plus it's super interactive.

There's 6 shows over the three days.  4:30p and 7:00p Thursday and Friday, the 2:00p and 4:30p on Saturday.  Tickets are only $3, but there is that 8 punch season pass, for just $20 which will save you overall.

We'll see you out there, with Carson on stage Friday night.  Enjoy!