A Hiawatha woman is much richer, financially and spiritually this holiday season thanks to local police.

The Hiawatha Police Department hosts an "Undercover Secret Santa" program, where they award local residents in need with money or gifts.

An anonymous donor has provided the police department with $5,000 this year to hand out in $100 increments. It's a fantastic program and very helpful gesture, as evidenced by the reaction of one of its benefactors, Mariana Hendricks.

Mariana told KCRG, "I bawled uncontrollably when he was at the door," said Hendricks. "I did cry. I also asked him if I could give him a hug."

A police officer simply came to Hendricks' door, with a $100 bill to hand over, after he had sneakily stopped by earlier in the week on what Hendricks said he called "unspecified police business". The so-called "police business" has certainly been specified now, and we congratulate and send well-wishes to Mariana Hendricks and the other recipients of this program, as well as thanks to the Hiawatha Police Department for putting it on.

Happy Holidays!

[Via KCRG]


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